Programs Management

TeqTometic provides the framework for integrating people, processes, and tools that support a high-quality and fast-paced delivery environment. Our holistic approach, based on Project Management Institute’s (PMI) standards, is customizable and adaptive to client needs, and lowers risk and improves the quality of deliverables – resulting in the effective management of programs both large and small.

We provide services in four key areas:

Mission Alignment

We help establish an IT Portfolio with the right investments, develop a technology roadmap based on the IT Portfolio and align it to the resources available, and develop business cases to justify expenditures through the Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process. We monitor and report the portfolio’s health through performance measures, providing timely communication to executive leadership through portfolio assessments and Program Management Reviews.

Project Management

Our project management approach centers around the implementation of our Project Management Methodology (PMM), which is based on PMI standards and accounts for 5 process groups (Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Contract Monitoring and Control, and Project Closing) and 10 knowledge areas. We use this methodology to successfully establish, integrate, and manage inter-dependent projects for programs in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Business Transformation

Our business process management approach aligns the business requirements with the processes, policies, technical solution, and architecture. Our approach consists of process modeling the current state and future state processes and developing a Business Context Diagram (BCD) that conceptualizes a high level solution from a business architecture perspective. The BCD is used as the foundation to overlay the technical architecture and ensure the appropriate technical stack is being implemented to support each component in the BCD. This helps to ensure the business needs are driving the technical solution, approved technology that meets agency standards are being implemented, and limited resources are being used effectively.

Organization Management

Our approach consists of assessing organizational needs, analyzing functional gaps in the current organization, and developing recommendations for an organizational structure. We develop communications to convey key messages and training materials to address functional gaps, and we establish and operate organizational performance management systems to increase our clients’ ongoing effectiveness.