Health IT

The healthcare industry continues to operate in the midst of tremendous transformation, spurred largely by Federal legislative and policy changes. Federal health agencies are faced with numerous challenges, among them responding to a wide variety of new regulatory requirements, coordinating care across public and private providers, harnessing massive amounts of data to improve outcomes and reduce fraud, and addressing growing security and privacy concerns.

TeqTometic provides top quality healthcare and IT services to a variety of federal health agencies with varying missions. Our success is rooted in domain experience, IT expertise, and familiarity with Federal Government policies and practices. More than 30% of our staff has significant experience across a wide variety of Health IT areas including:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Food and Product Safety
  • Health Policy
  • Health Research
  • Interoperability
  • Program Integrity
  • Regulatory Oversight and Processes
  • Reimbursement Services